Awesome Map
Here is just a simple example of what you can make with Awesome Map...
But don't just stay on this page : all the awesomeness happens on the admin page, where you can customize the map, the markers, the search bar...
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Pin Creator

With our great Pin Creator, you can entirely customize your markers / pins. Choose the icon, the marker style, the color... And it's dramatically easy to use!

369 icons for your markers

Choose between 369 cutomizable icons for your markers thanks to the great Font-Awesome library.

7 Custom Map Themes

Choose between 7 different map themes.

Custom infobox

The infobox which appears on the markers is highly customizable too.

Streetview integration

Check the streetview integration option in the Pin Creator and a streetview preview image will appear in the marker's infobox.

TinyMCE integration

The TinyMCE editor is integrated in this item. You can write and style your infobox thanks to this great jQuery plugin.

Drag & Drop automation

Once you have created your markers with the awesome "Pin Creator", you can just drag & drop them to the place you want : the informations (address, streetview preview) will be automatically updated.

Marker Clusterer

Enable / Disable the Marker Clusterer feature in the Awesome Map Admin.
Marker Clusterer shows a clickable icon () when there are a lot of markers in one location.

Discover all of the other features in the admin part of Awesome Map !
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